Phase Links

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, June 6, 2020 10:55 PM

Phase Link; The corporal exchange of energy within the body will react to common forces. When you are born your energy is directed to your brain, as you get older that energy changes to exact filament to the energy engulf. You start off with a lower link of energy and over time develop an equilibrium. When the human body progresses it becomes more coordinated. These are phase links to your development. Time dictates phase links. Over time the engulf changes and in some cases over time the energy in the equilibrium deficits. Phase links are of natural study to energy phases the human body goes through. When you think on how to move to achieve a goal your body is preparing to engulf your phase link. Dancers have the highest phase links to human energy growth patterns. They practiced to energize their phase link to the brain. To walk creates a phase link. to run and all exercises create phase links. Its the internal energy that is keeping you healthy. The phase link for human is 124187.2 these are alpha signals from the brain. The rate is up to you. However there comes a time where your phase links become slow and weak. This is considered your conventional sense as your A1C. How do we change our A1C without changing the metabolic rate. More exercise good food, and a healthy environment. The other way is to interface delta columbine the phase link on central alpha signaling in the metabolic rate sequence. This interface has delta and signals to the brain to cavitate the energy to all organs and extremities to deliver a healthy outcome. The brain is capable of directing the energy where needed. Resonance can cure diabetes. It can speed up influxes to the pancreas and other organs in dismissal from the brains own sequence for life. We at one point do not increase our phase link very well, we need help sometimes, Resonance has the culpable delta to change the phase link no matter the age or the disease. It finds the despondency immediately. Because when you resonate at 4100 Delta T the body is moved for every event in the climax delta of the phase link. Its an outside source of energy, but very rarely studied, It can make the synoptically controlled connections delta the endorphins, columbine the stem cells, and release antibodies to fight viral infections that are possible on Earth. You are made to resist, but faultier in the phase link delta of the bodies own defense. Control your delta in the interface and wipe out certain cancers and pandemics that we may face. If the pandemics energy is stronger than the human phase link it will win. Resonance is the fight. 128122781 3 over

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