Photons Become Carbon Atoms

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 2:25 PM

4th Dimension; What is the 4th dimension? Is it real or a paradox. Its quadriplegic, it has value in the third and second, but never in the first. The 4th dimension is light in a barrier width. It manifests as light. It can pop into existence when ever it wants to make its presence. The 4th dimension has value in the third, in that it controls particles in the third. It is a dimension that we only dream about. We dream in the 4th dimension. The light there is convulsed. If you power up a nuclear power plant today the fourth dimension will be there. The particles are new, they identify with the third dimension, but have clambered to the fourth. Nuclear particles are prevalent in the fourth. When the particles leave the third they end up in the fourth dimension. It is what light is. Each photon has life, when its over it transcends to the fourth dimension. What is left in the third is a carbon atom. The light is gone but the particle lives on in the third. This new identity is part of the conglomerate of space. The theory is not easy to prove, but the value is there in the making of a star. Where are the photons coming from? There must be a section of space delivery that we can not see. The conglomerate is the fulcrum of space creation. It receives its value from the outside of the Universe. It is only logical that there must be a place that the conglomerate of space draw from. The conglomerate of space pulls in photons from outside the Universe. They end up in the outside of the Universe as well for reconditioning. This paradox is the 4th Dimension. Its the reason we continue to expand, and allow for more stars to be created. The 4th dimension is the expanse of the Universe. This area of space is all light and not black as space as we see it but white space. It is the barrier width of the Universe. It trans late to new photons in exchange to new stars and they come in blue. They come in blue and end up red. Photons have an exchange rate, they come in and out and are prompt to exchange in heat value. They can be counted in technology and be separated in the in-value of construct delta submission. The flash of a photon analyzer can result in the manifestation of a photon that has been exchanged. The particle infraction is now identifiable in the conglomerate of the space particle. The 4th dimension allows for this exchange. 1281224488781.2. It also has value on the Star Craft, we rely on the photon exchange in the identity of space particles being examined. Photons are king and without them nothing would exist in any dimension.

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