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EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 15, 2020 8:49 PM

Harrier Points; The class 7 has Harrier points, The spacecraft will be balanced in space, however the collegiate innovation is Harrier Points on all corners of the ship. They are median range resistors and are 12 inches in diameter. They balance the craft, They are built into the hull of the craft. They act like balusters on a ship. The fact of the matter is they are required in most vectors, without them you can tumble. They are the internal blaze width of the ship. Resistors in space is a good idea, they create deluge on the corners of the ship, this entanglement fortifies the ship stability. The Harrier Points conform to deluge in resistance to the space in vector. The electronics starts a resistance at those points of the ship. They are not wired, they are part of the blazewidth of the inversion fields power x-ray delta. The innovations keeps the ship level even in high resistance to inversion fields. Space is formidable and can toss you around without the right equipment on board and built in. The conglomerate may be in the inversion field it creates, high resistance counters the force in delta x-ray. When the field of the ship meets the inversion from the conglomerate, The delta is negative alpha sequence. This creates a turbulence in space delta. Harrier Points are standard equipment on all the crafts created to space propulsion with an inversion field. The resistance value can be up to 8 ft. in bounce, the harrier points reduce them down to a 6 in. lift. This creates lower light drag. The craft will in counter this lift sequence when in-values equal the resistance. High turbulence in space can be dangerous and the delta requires all maintain Harrier Points. Vectors of interest are 128171218, these are high lend inversion field created by the conglomerate, this vector is the send message at alpha gentry level 2, 88 million miles above the Earth. These areas are inversion fields, and the conglomerate uses them to communicate with planets in our solar system. they are alpha gentry signals and well understood by the conglomerate. Our Field inversion matches the delta of the conglomerate therefore we must create resistance values when traveling in space. Space Law alpha gentry Harrier Points 2817141.2 on all inversion field crafts.

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