Power Steering

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, June 23, 2019 5:10 PM

The steering of the star craft; The column of energy emitting from the craft has enveloped the craft to 14 ft. all around the craft. The Energy wants to go to ground. It hits the induction plates in the rear of the craft. The movement is forward. There are 7 copper cobalt plates in the rear of the craft they are stacked on top of each other with a 2.5 overhang for each plate. The stair step is converse alpha. When all the energy has hit all 7 plates the converse is at top speed. The variance is only 13 degrees. Right or left. If more energy is on the edge of the right side of the plates it will converse left. The left will steer you right. How do we steer with energy direction? The craft is induction able and so are you. The column of energy can be manipulated, Since you are inductive as a living being you conduct with your hand. As you raise your hand the column reacts to the interface you are conducting. Your hand is 1 inch away from the column of energy emitting from the craft. The device is called an Alt. Delineator. It is a wire 12.18 in length and you pinch the wire and the craft will move in the opposite direction of the wire you pinch right or left of center of the Alt Pinch Delineator. The pinch is good for 13 degrees. It may take 3400 miles to do a U-Turn but it will converse anywhere you decide to go. The length of the pinch is important to know, it is known that the Avery alta disdain is converse, and the longer you hold the more degrees will be encumbered. The craft is designed for 13 degrees only. More than 13 degrees the craft will flip. The spin is hard to stop, so the pinch is no more than a few seconds. The understanding to the craft is the longer you hold the Pinch Alt Delineator the more power is executed in the converse alpha. To much right or left will spin the craft. There are counter measurements to correct the craft in training. Most of the converse is forward, but you may have vectors to meet that will require you to turn in small degrees to balance the converse alpha. A tap left or right of center may be all is needed. The columbine delta requires the Lear to practice in converse several times before venture can be delta mission obvious. The columbine delta has memory and the craft will react systematically according the algorithm. Done right the 13 degrees is all that is required in space. 48122381.4 Columbine delta strategic alpha coordination.

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