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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, March 1, 2020 1:45 PM

Corporal Disdain; When traveling in space its important to be mindful of treasures you have on board. Your life support system is of corporal disdain in the function of space conglomerate. If you have oxygen and the conglomerate knows it will command the indifference to supply. The shaking or vibration is the conglomerate seeking just that, it may seem unnerving at first but once you understand how space operates its quite normal to have corporal disdain to your ship. Always be prepared to convulse in aspiration to appease the conglomerate if detected by the A/I or crew member. The signal is high vibration and even shaking. Space is no joke and can abrupt the mission in simple ways. Your treasures are of significance to the conglomerate. Oxygen, nitrogen in alpha states and hydrogen are all corporal advance to the conglomerate. You need all these elements to breath properly. The convex is oxygen first, but will continue to corporal disdain if not aspirated at 2/10ths for 13 seconds, after that its smooth sailing. The conglomerate is compulsive, and wants what you have and can demand it. The space intellect is to give it freely for a few seconds and move on, this will appease the conglomerate in that all its getting and its directional for you and your crew. Space will contact you. You must know space intellect to move through space without harm. These crafts in induction are the best way to move through space without corporal disdain. The craft or ship is equipped to fission react any substance to the conglomerate, if it likes it, your top-out speed will increase without using any more fuel. Or you may be directional with the conglomerate. It will force your craft left or right and direct you where to go. The space intellect is the counter in the conglomerate of force space. BE PREPARED, the space corporal disdain can happen anywhere try to understand the fulcrum of space its chemicals and if you have then, it will convulse the prime directive. Life is our prime directive, but for the conglomerate its to create life. It does not know you are alive it only wants to abolishes the direct advance of the chemical. It wants to create a convoluted disdain in space delta. Your life is in-significant to space delta, corporal disdain is inevitable. The ECO Universe only wants to create life and it will destroy life on your craft to accomplish the delta in advance secursion. It makes perfect sense once you understand what the conglomerate is for. Never try to obstruct the conglomerate share the confines so it will be directive to the fission reaction. For every action there is reaction in space. Delta drive disdain conglomerate in alpha states when possible. Sound can create disdain for only seconds and try to use sound first before the delta is in vibration. Convex often in sound variance if your speed picks up or you become directional you are traveling in space properly. 8822481.2.

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