Protect your Density

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 26, 2019 12:54 AM

Carnegie Hall; The alpha traveler must have the cohesion, and the where with all to survive in space with dignity. It starts with a specially designed suit. Kevlar in spec and radial arm pads for the elbows and the knees. The groin, chest, and feet must be protected with plastic inserts folded in the material. The suit is 3/8 ths of an inch thick, this portfolio is 4.18 in density. This suit is tight fitting and acts like a layer of clothing for protection. The suit is entered from the back and Clevis Carnoc Assembly. This means that the suit is worn at all times. The clevis is under the garment once you close the fractal the suit cannot be removed. Its designed for density disdain at all times. The boots are attached to the suit. Their are relief flaps at the groin and symmetry. These added layers provide expansion in the suit. The plastic that was hard on Earth is now soft and pliable in space like rubber. It allows for free movement in symmetry alpha condition. The abs plastic is common in condition alpha state. Rubber for example would be pliable for a certain distance but would harden over time. Plastic is just the opposite in space density. It becomes pliable and form fitting. Its important to protect the chest, groin ,breast plates for female, and knees. Gloves are conditioned like the bone structure. The suit is fire proof. It can with stand impacts of small meteorite fragments. Bullet proof. The suit is designed for space walks on planets and moons. It also can stand radial impacts from nuclear particles in that it is collegiate in the stitching arrangement. The material is flown at a 45 degree angle and layered conversely through out the layering process. The harder it is for nuclear particles to enter the more protected the Lear is from astral collisions. The suit has density infraction up to 4.18 ,but stronger nuclear forces still exist on planets and moons. The real protection is in the craft and a suit of this nature. Clevis Carnoc assembly 28122481.2.

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