Quantum Hydrogen

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 5:22 PM

Quantum Hydrogen; What is quantum hydrogen, Its the variable to a gas that is being compounded. Hydrogen has the variance in all of creation. A liquid hydrogen is a hydrogen that has little compounding. The delta force to compound hydrogen is an alpha force, its delta is to create worlds. Compounding hydrogen creates a toxic energy. This energy is a plasma forming energy. It collapses on to itself. It disdains the culpable advent of that planet or moon. It also can create Suns. The higher compound nature of quantum hydrogen the larger the star or planet. The creation of a gas planet or Sun is that they form due to compounding. Compounding hydrogen is dangerous, we can not create a planet or Sun, but we must understand the nature of compounding and what happens when the element is being compounding. The compounding of a quantum state of hydrogen is that if the force of the delivery is strong enough it can create a star. Compound nature must be studied, if we decide to compound Nitrogen the result may be oxygen. The Earth is spinning on its axes, and the compounding affect is delta 58122381.2 its concave is oxygen. The push against the quantum hydrogen in our atmosphere is a density of higher disdain and the nitrogen compounds, creating oxygen. We can compound hydrogen and make small amounts of plasma in density diffractions experiments, the result is a resonance that is a energy with little purpose. We have been discussing the Delta T 4100 for Methane Hydrate and its compound nature and what it can do for man-kind. Quantum Hydrogen will have frequency at delta 1487.2, radio and telecommunications are possible and due exist already. In the confines of a vacuum chamber we can create fission reactions with quantum hydrogen and vary the heat index for added chemicals. This application can invoke plasma. Microwave disdain can create the same plasma. The compounding of methane hydrate creates levity and a resonance we can interface.

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