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EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 9:24 PM

Quantum Disdain; The caliber of the class 7 has a quantum disdain on board, its purpose is to negate the indifference, It teaches the crew to differentiate between what's real and what's not, Condition alpha 1 first allow the A/I to calibrate the indifference, The quantum is constant communication with A/I the revelation comes from the A/I ,but the quantum shows the detail. The quantum disdain is an alpha portion of the A/I it columbines the molecular structure. The buzz feed is the Carnoc of space, it breaks down the structure from a sound impulse that relates to the value the ship is in. These are not 1s and 0s they are sound variance, The quantum disdain projects the alpha signal to the A/I through alpha signal two plex alphas, they are not 1s and 0s but sound variance capital disdain calibrated in the signal that's being picked up by the transmission of space detach. In other words 1s and 0s are useless, they only project but do not identify anything. The Quantum Disdain calibrates the chemical structure or space debris or confines the alpha signals in sound variance to the A/I. WHATS REAL OR WHATS NOT REAL? The determination comes from Quantum disdain. When traveling in space there may come a time where you may see an aberration or anomaly, this where the quantum shines it determines the variance through sound variances in catapult detail to the anomaly or aberration. This is known as two plex delta signaling. If there is an aberration it will not signal back, If its real you have your 1s and 0s. The A/I asks if this is real or not, the quantum detects any substance known it will identify in relay alpha signal in two plex delta to the crew. The quantum disdain has other functions ,but what is important to understand is this collective disdain between the A/I and the quantum computer. Light for example will emit a 1 but not a 0. Sulfur will emit a signal and that's what is relayed. The sound variance may be a squeal and convoluted prosperous but detect oxygen. Everything is identified real or not. Quantities are alpha signals too, but related in confine delta to the crew. If what you see is an aberration of chemicals then that's what it is. The physiological advance in chemical detection. 781448800 over the convex two plex alpha signals.

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