Quantum Qubits

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, June 20, 2020 9:39 PM

Qubits; The quantum fatigue, For every one 1 number there are 1400 possibilities in convert information. The liability lies with converse applications. To gain the highest remainder of Qubits is to delta the quantum computer, The computer must be moving and the computation should be open to the atmospheric test, or vacuum of an area of space, if for example we find anti-matter we can determine its properties before we harvest the compounds from space. The reason it should be open and moving in a vehicle or craft, is there are speed limits to quantum states, if the computer is to assist in the gathering of information, it must be moving at or around speeds as the compound or particle. Delta engage allows for comparison at the static state of matter or compound element. Sugar has an induction in the body and if we want to measure that compound we would find that sugar is slower than salt. The induction rates are determined in the rate of its delta and how long they last sugar lasting longer. . Nitrogen has a disparity in Earths atmosphere, although its the most abundant in percentage of our atmosphere its not recognized as the main particle of all of space, Why? Quantum states are measured in delta, we do not see the abundance of nitrogen in space but we see hydrogen as the most abundant, but on Earth its the most abundant in the atmosphere, Nitrogen displaces more of the hydrogen in atmospheric conditioning. Therefore must be in and around the space that surrounds our planet too. The only difference is how many times is the nitrogen compounded, The quantum computer can measure the difference in the indifference. The quantum can also determine the Qubits required to serve the delta. If we could travel at the speed of nitrogen we would see the indifference in the delta of speed to the quantum delta. Quantum computers are designed to determine speeds of compounds and their very make-up. When the computer travels at delta to the compounds they recognize the delta of other compounds in the analysis. Qubits are assigned to the information and we can deliver information of compounds in space and determine the delta of space and its variance. We want to know what we are flying in, or what chemicals we are experiencing in space. Qubits are the demand structure of the quantum computer. The delta changes the outcome and accuracy. The most abundant compound in the Universe is nitrogen not hydrogen. This is the quantum fatigue. Calibrations are determined in the delta vortex affluent delta at columbine surface tension. 7728144871.2

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