Re-entry Inductive Crafts

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, July 21, 2019 12:50 PM

1281 continue decent; The relief node of Earth has been accomplished, the upper atmosphere in delta. The blazewidth was columbine delta at 33,481fpm. The complex algorithm shows the exterior temperature at 122.4 degrees, and cooled very quickly. The 4 inch hull allows for heat displacement at quadrant minimum 14,481 fpm. Inductive crafts must be traveling very quickly to embank the cordial advance of the craft. This build up of molecular structure must comply to NASA control alphas in Earths segates and comply with standard fpm collectives. Crafts designed below fpm at 14,481 must have heat shields. The cordial advance shows at least 2.18 in thickness and cover the nose portion of the craft by 81 percent. All compounds deflective upon reentry are composites that deteriorate metal and fiber composites. Re-Entry conditions are examined at the 1281 detox station alpha segate. Components engaged through re-entry Nitrogen 81 percent, alpha segate oxygen 12481.2 in lobotomy alpha state, 2 percent. Collective hydrogen in 12.18 state at vector 128122381.4. Components residual include but not limited are carbon, phosphate 12.189 over in state calculus. lead inference at 3 percent. Columbine molecular state 22 percent hydrogen mix with nuclear infraction. Heat index was 1,264.8 upon re-entry. Earth sustains at 1241.8 in heat index. curricular loss for this disdain .000041 percent heat loss. Earth unaffected. Control box alpha has sustained curricular disdain. Disinfect alpha is required. The convalescing time lapse for the moon in alpha segates 2poc delta, minimum 1.28 hours. Nuclear disinfect detail converse for at least 1.2 hours. Nuclear displacements are required to forgo inspections with hazard team detail. These particles are congluant to inductive crafts and must be disinfected in concourse alpha in Earths atmosphere before landing control operations. The base particle infraction in detail to Mission Control columbine in algorithm. 4488281.2. Paradox Time alpha is .1113 seconds. All controls are in alpha state. Decent requirement are compliant, 3 mile decent granted to Earth determination 341.2. Our innovation requires compliant in all detail to Earth and NASA Control. Space Law 4488281.2

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