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EA Martinez MLD on Friday, July 12, 2019 7:27 PM

Philtronic deltoid disposition; The craft has the Philtronic deltoid in advance before the Lear enters the craft. The craft is convalescing, The Lear enters the craft bay door. This door is vacuum sealed. The molecular structure is moving across the craft on the ground pallet at 12.18 inches above the Earth. This craft can be pulled to the exterior for take off. It also can exit the hanger from with in. The Inductive crafts set on a magnetron at 12.18 Ft. in diameter built into the ground with in the hanger. 4180 volts at 322 amp. The caliper is the converse delta larger crafts can be up to 5151 and 241 amp. The field inference is delta at these land pads. They also have a jack that supports the craft on center and on wheels. The craft does not shut off until refueling and cleaning. The magnetron pads are not hot they only emit delta for the craft to levitate. The first demetri is 12.18 off the ground. The current pads circulate the delta cross ways. The emitters are congluant to the pad only. If a jack is not used the craft will levitate at 12.18 on its own without a magnetron pad. The delta at the pad has purpose, it allows the craft to levitate without refueling. If you are at 12.18 without the induction pad under the craft you will be using the fuel on the craft, otherwise extra fuel is required when the craft is at rest. Vamon pads require maintenance and the algorithm is clear the correct voltage and amps drawn when at rest for the Star Craft 4180 volts and 322 amps. They also can calvine to other hangers if required. The Lear decides to lift in the hanger bay. The first check is life support, delta T convex alpha 31 percent for hydrogen, 28 in oxygen alpha sequenced, every 14 minutes, the balance 59 over at nitrogen compos delta. Set and establish the confines for 18 minutes you are the conical on this craft. Set hydrogen alphas at no more than 72 percent on the Earth. Establish Lear doctrine for compress delta to Command Center NASA confines. These are start up procedures for this type of craft. The Lear is to check the interior lighting. The light control is magnetron alpha. Current is alpha on this craft. Induction current is 12.18 volts no amps to lighting control. The Lear is to check the Induction Coupler for any anomalies including color discoloration. The induction coupler is the only heat source for the Lear. Temperatures lower than the deltoid disposition are control alpha. He also must ck the Glass at the galaxy shield for cracks or deformations. The shield is under vacuum and the pumps should be off. If they are on, check for leaks before the next demetri. ALIS Confines 4,180 in belt pressure. All must be confirmed before lift off. The conical is you, how do you feel.? The ALIS CONFINES must be doctrine and compressed to NASA Control alpha. Space law 4422381.2

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