Rectangle Anti-Matter

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 11:40 PM

Green Beret Alpha; The collidle in the anti-matter is green, this may not seem substantive ,but it rejoices the spirit of the Star or Sun. The particles that deluge in alpha sequence to the burial of the super nova for the incoming star has a rectangular despondent. The particle resembles a rectangle rather than a sphere. This anti-matter particle is the sequence its self. The collidle is alpha sequence but with a twist in the matrix for the new arrival. When the Star or Sun arrives at the Super Nova site it coalesce there for millions of years. The new arrival secrets the alpha despondency around the blast sight and a securum is secreted, it then begins to pull the material or dark matter into the star. This may take many hundreds of years to absolve but the rally is the completion of its brightness. When hydrogen is annihilated from a super Nova it becomes dark matter. Its despondency changes from white to green in spectrum analysis detour convection. The stars with determination rush there to secrete their own determination in the area for cultivation of a new solar system. All stars or suns with a green anti-matter secretion will attract other bodies into the solar system. The brighter the star the more of the anti-matter it has picked up. This drives other stars and suns to that location. The anti-matter has substantive value to the Star. It now can move about in any direction and determine its life cycle. The collidle is subjective to the strength of the Sun or Star, it will acerbate the collidle until it can absorb the material. ANTI-MATTER is a coagulant, It allows the plasma to stay inside the Star, as the anti-matter dissipates the star becomes a SUN. It can no longer move about the solar system as it once did. The less anti-matter the slower the Star. This gives rise to giant blue stars and Beetle juice type stars. They can not absorb the dark matter anymore so they expand. They keep on expanding until they annihilate the collidle. Stars are born and re-born with Anti-Matter. 41002278133481.9.

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