Resonance Heals

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, April 26, 2020 1:29 PM

Comprehension in detail; The average person with a medical despondency has no idea that an infection comes from other sources. They propagate to disseminate the body. Infections need energy to propagate. The X/Y ordinance in the body is the point of propagation. The body alone can engulf the infection. The coordination has complex deltas. The disease has its own delta. When they meet the calamity is in distress. All the cells are driven by the brain in synapse connection to the natural body energy 2.81. This culvert allows for the transmission of the disease. It is in itself a common blazewidth. This energy can be disdained. Resonance has the ability to disconnect the transverse secursion in the expression, delta T over the infection engulf at alta wave disdain. These are energies not understood by main stream science, but we know they exist. They have lateral expressions and can be virulent. They can move from animal to people and back again. The bridge has crossed we can infect our animals too. This study allows people to investigate the possibility of energy as the source and to combat the delta with a stronger energy. Resonance at delta T 4100 has the frequency to disseminate the viral infection at alta levels of exposure. You exposing to another or animal. Animal to human in expression to the viral aspect in energy at 33481.2 infection dissertation in alpha century at 2 over. We elapsed into a coordinated energy circumference with animals and animals with human. This delta is dangerous, any extinction event can include people without an energy source in detail to the viral infection. Most animals are in generation alpha signaling 2.11818, this confluence is common for animals. Human are at 2.81 much higher than animals, so why so viral, the conclusion is the energy of human has dropped or the animals have increased. The connection is the viral expression, the energy it takes to collect the disdain is coming from the animals deflection to disease from other animals. There internal vescue are increasing, we must be prepared to increase our internal vescue to be over the animals own defense. We have no choice we share the same planet but need to understand the evolution process, the strong get stronger or be removed from existence. Rational complex alpha signaling alert. 78122381.2 growth in any species are an increase in the internal vescue. Resonance is now required to interface to raise the level interactions of animals disdain propagation possibilities. The E event starts with low energy aspirations of the species. To eliminate the possibility of being overtaken by any other specious ,we must have an energy that can be interfaced with. The energy is only needed during pandemics. 144122871.2

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