Rolling the Resonance

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, June 11, 2020 9:04 PM

Collapsed delta; When the resonance is calibrated at 4100 Delta T the most important is that it does not quit. The supply of fuel is constant and abundant. The molecular structure is an energy that is vital to our way of life. In the craft the energy is constantly flowing to the induction plates and returning to the linear accelerator. The faster it spins the faster the compounding. The molecular structure is forced through the induction plates made of copper and cobalt slightly infarcted so the fuel structure will squeeze through but not leak outside the induction plates. The force creates the compounding, we can force harder by inducting a bio inductor like your hand or other bioinduction available. This also speeds up the fuel through the system. These crafts are delineated by the operator, lift sequences for this craft are compulsive in the disdain of the fuel. If you interface the craft will react. Collapsed delta is never an option, they remain running until the run out of fuel. The energy is like a giant battery and it must be charging all the time. The reason is if you are on a planet or moon and must leave quickly it can be done without a re-start that takes 41 hours . The Earth bound crafts are in the hanger on huge magnets but locked down at 12 inches demetri delta. This is known as convalescing. The craft is moving the molecular structure all the time. Touching the craft will not create a reaction its only when the Alt Delineator is engaged by a human hand or artificial bio inductor. Its always ready. The XCL is always ready on the Earth. The power producer has a brass reactor under vacuum and oscillating and it very hard to shut off. Tank turn outs are part of the Earthly system but cavitate to delay when engaged. It requires a cohedence to the driver assembly at all times. The pipe and plate that the wire is attached to is resonating at delta T4100. from the conductive side of the linear accelerator. The inductive side is going to the grid. 128144781.2

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