Running the Antimatter Chamber

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, January 20, 2020 9:09 PM

Detroit alphas; The Detroit Alphas claim the anti-Matter in space centrifuge delta, they occupy the delta by collecting the dark matter in conical visits. The technology being used are the centrifuge in delta and the anti-matter in the affluent state. The centrifuge is started in the mid ship compression chamber. The compression chamber is dealt for one alpha but can exchange. Its an area of the ship that is under compression. The outlay ranges from 2200 lbs per square inch to delta at ambient. The alpha is suited in chamber. The collection process starts with the Detroit alpha in submission with the concept delta of moving space to acclimatize juncture in ambient chamber located in front of the toggle dispatch. The balestar is extended its a fuse pole extended into area of space that has logic submission to anti-matter. The vacuum pressure is comp. at 2.18 but allows for free flow at 2.182. The material is comp at a slow rate. The pull in has inference value it must be calculated and certain distribution character the incline is a blue in phase analysis. The balestar has light spectrum analysis and the compensation is the delivery of anti-matter in chamber. This blue range chamber turns to red. Its rectangle in shape and is in another part of the compression chamber. The glass view known as the spectrometer will allow the alpha to determine the quantity of the intake and the compression rate for anti-matter. The delivery on board is very slow, the material is extremely cold and warms just entering the Ship, The compression rate is 124488281.2 over. As the anti-matter is compressed at 31 below 0 the material starts to crystallize. It starts off blue and warms to a red. When the chamber is full in crystallization the material can be distributed to the 3 other alphas. They all have their own glass chambers for rhetorical reaction in converse. The material is moved slowly and divided between the Detroit alphas. Every chamber has a compression value, the material is compressed. it is not under vacuum. The material is moved in compression to the designated chambers for the affluent delta crews to distribute in converse. 2/10 ths in delta at inversion compression alpha supplement distribution in convex with 3 chambers in delta to the convex alphas supply. Detroit alpha are also responsible for clarification in all compression values at each chamber. The balestar components and clavicle design features to the technology. They also inspect the quality of the dark matter. High reliance is a good sign when collecting the material it wants to float even under compression. 780022481.2

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