Secular Space

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, August 26, 2019 3:13 PM

Secular Disdain; When traveling in space the secular disdain is the advance of particles in secursion to you. They can abrupt the voyage we have set examples of disdain through out the blogs, and condition is everything when traveling. You must know how far away you must be to survive the levity of other planets disdain. You can not see the particles that can abrupt your voyage but there are many. Secular disdain is even between the Earth and the moon. Particles in advance of your craft is secular in nature. These particles want to impede, conquer, and penetrate the hull. Space itself is secular. They will do anything to gain the advantage of the Klamath disdain in your advance. The example is that if you leave Earth with a payload of rocket fuel into space bound for a certain planet or moon the fuel can be adulterated. Its the fuel in espionage that space is interested in. If the Universe wants the fuel it will find a way to abrupt the rocket fuel or disdain the vessel its in. Space is SECULAR! If you do not believe that space is secular then there will be many failed missions. I cringe every time a rocket lifts off at the Cape, knowing that anything can happen and does when traveling into space the examination that is going on is not just with people on the ground but from space itself. Hydrogen is a comity in space secular advance secursion. Particles communicate with the fuel espionage delta and deliberate abrupt is possible. The Challenger Mission is a good example of abrupt engage disdain. When we lift off with large amounts of fuel the space secular advance is in secursion. Like flies to a feast. The Universe is alive and so are the planets, moons and Suns. Everything we bring into space is securitized. The fuel expense is the biggest. Space has secular disdain with Fuel, organic material, water, oxygen, bottled or not, nitrogen bottled or affluent, hydrogen bottled or affluent, Any gas that can be used to burn or dissolve are secular space abrupt, and the challenge is to hide or conceal the material from secular disdain. The power that can be produced to avoid secular disdain is 13,481 over in top-out speeds and a way to displace the space from total incumbency. Maintain Belt Pressures at all times. If not Secular disdain is inescapable. Permeation in all particles and disdain advance for fuel is possible. Gas giants will want your gas no mater the gas. Expect delays when encumbered. Space is no joke and you must pay attention to all that is around you. All particle infractions are of consequence in delta to the mission. If you release a large amount of prosperous or sulfur into space ahead of you the craft will stop. This is the projection display alpha signal to the Universe. The universe will bind the density ahead you and you will not know what to do. Secular Disdain is real and should be studied before any mission is delta inductive. Space Law 4400281.4

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