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EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 8, 2020 1:30 PM

Forest Receptors; Class 5 in vitro spectrometer. The Class 5 comes standard with a Forrest Receptor. The technology has a clear detection of Forrest material in space. The conglomeration of forest material is a sign to the Universe that there is a condition for that celestial body. If the forest receptor detects its because there is life on that planet. These are signaling devices to the Lear and crew that there may be a planet we can walk on like Earth. The signature is sound, and has a very distinct sound. We would expect a high squeal, followed by a thump, the signature can be tested on Earth, and follow up with technology that can detect sound variations on Earth first. The receptors can travel for millions of miles in detection. The technology is to make aware that all transgressions in sound variance have a distinct sound and the variables are important in space explorations. Sound variances are like a beacon in space. If you loose you galaxy shield, and can not see, the forest receptors are engaged, and follow the variance, and find Earth blind. The Forrest is important to the Universe, it lends credence to what type of planet Earth is. Forrest material is highly sought after in space annuls. Its a sign of life and can be terraformed to any planet. Signal to the Universe you have forest material on Mars and the Universe may allow a delta down condition and provide oxygen for the material you brought to Mars. Its a form of Terraforming the planet to suit our needs, all that is required is to bring enough material, the Universe will recognize and react to it. It is possible to bring refuge material from the forests of Earth and watch a transformation of Mars in less than 100 years. These signals are a sound variance with receptors on Mars in a call to the Universe, the planet can transform very quickly rather than one molecule at a time and millions of years of evolution. Mulch all over will heat the planet considerably and start a condition, and signal for a conglomerate participation. Its a kick start to the planets own ability to condition an Atmosphere and create life on its own. The space conglomerate will react to the condition and create atmospheres best suited for the mulch and a forest will be the result. Signature variables real or just sound in Terraforming include, sea weed, Mulch, tree limbs, grass, dirt, bee pollen. Forest rectors on board are signal to the Lear that life can happen on most planets or moons. Feed the delta and watch the Universe grow in life expectancy. Earth is the cultivator for our solar system.

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