Slow Moving Particles

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, March 14, 2020 12:17 AM

Learaby Delta; We have discussed deltas to a degree and its understood that its motion of space we are taking about. It has leeway and convulses its dexterity. The Learaby Delta is just the exact opposite. Its the stable condition of nothing moving. Either the body is stagnated in the density of space like Anti-Matter and does not move and when prompted very slow conditions of space to move around it. This condition is known as the Learaby delta, its given a name because its a delta that is the most stable in the Universe. Space cannot move but by one molecule at a time. The Event Horizon is an another example of the Learaby delta. This kind of movement by the molecule shows character references as its own conglomerate. This registers to the conglomerate that its not delta but only driven expectations and the material moves one molecule at a time. The converse can be anywhere, the Universe has sidelines to move in molecular structure. Every molecule has two protons and two neutrons. The charge is neutral. Space has a issue with neutral particles. They move but slowly. The Learaby delta has an algorithm for the combustion 22781381.2. The comets tail is a Learaby delta. The comet is moving very fast but the structure in the photon exchange is moving slowly in-vitro. Its neutral and it gains propulsion. Space is inductive and moves it along. The capital expansion is due to the climax delta in connection to another Universe called the Anti-Matter Universe. Its actually touching our Universe and it started the expansion of our Universe billions of years ago. It is the mechanism that allows for more stars to be created. Higher the expansion the more volume of matter and Star Cassbar inflection. Connecting the Learaby deltas are important to understand, they give a perspective of how the Universe works. When deltas move quickly they help in the expansion ,but also conditions the space its intended to serve. One molecule at a time. 12814478122381.4

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