Sodium Reactions

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 15, 2019 1:23 PM

Sodium in Space; We have sodium in space, the molecule acts like a hydrogen molecule with it bouncing up and down. It defuses when it hits the atmosphere. It wants to cling to some other molecule, but is defused in delta. The particle remains in the atmosphere for 180 days. 12812244781.2. It slowly descends in its diminished state. The oceans were salted from space. The sodium content creates delta on its own, but when we look at the individual molecule we see striations that can be diminished upon entering the atmosphere. Now the question is what does sodium do to inductive power? Turns out that sodium has lift capability. This structure is put in a category known as diffusers. Its elemental defuse capability has trust in space with induction. This can help in a defuse situation on a planet were all lift capability is needed. Sodium content is the next deliberation, its delta has lift but only at gravity influx deltas 1/10th the amount of Earths gravity. The small amount on a planet is slight, but lift never the less. Its content volume need be only a few grams in Distill Matrix, but will lift the craft 13 inches. The induction pod should be engaged at 1/2 impulse delta flagrant. Sodium is found through out the galaxy. It has permutation attributes to solar storms that create Nebula and future Star formation. The structure looks like ice but that's the Sodium delta. The center of the galaxy also has ruminants of small particles of sand and glass. The sodium is a direct result of the collisions there. THE COSMOS IS A GIANT COLLIDER. It can produce large amounts of sodium and put into delta, the galaxy is responsible for the creation of Sodium. Its delix is at 3 over in density deflection and can travel in space for millions of miles on its own. It clamors to itself and take on forms resembling ice crystals. Sodium is a dispatch from the galaxy. The solar system calls for it and it makes its way to Earth. It also makes its way to moons. Sodium can be a conglomerate. The Earth balances its sodium content to the magnetospheres delta. The collegiate knowledge is transfer delta. The Earth calls for equilibrium. The galaxy responds with sodium hydroxide. Delta at 2 over in columbine alpha signal delta 224488281.2 the sound is a squelch. Its reverb is delta at cross wind delta 224488281.4. Sodium deposit from Space in alpha form. 1281.

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