Sound In Space

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, July 8, 2019 7:24 PM

Cross Centennial Dysphasia; The signal that must be developed are with Doppler, The repeater is locked on the Star Craft. This becomes a sound variance. The molecular disdain has sound in space. It sounds like a horn followed by a whistle. Follow that and the Mission Control has the commandeering of the Star Crafts Sat Com delta. Our Innovations make sound in space, and can be heard by Earth controls. Command centers can also Pin Point Areas of space that the Star Craft can follow without verbal communication. The Argon Laser can be pointed in space and can be followed by this Star Craft. Its visual is no closer than 100.2 miles. The Laser can be seen for millions of miles. Point and detail all the vectors in our solar system. Density infractions for faster space travel all in the commandeering the coax signal 840022381.1 the craft from Earth. The inductive Craft does the work and Mission Control details the data. The craft is designed to detail density inflections at vectors related by the converse delta MLD. This mission specialist can detect asteroids and converse the craft to its location for compliance alpha segate analysis and balance disdain to another vector or physically move the asteroid away from Earth telemetry with several Star Crafts in a global effort from all countries. WE ARE THE SOUND IN SPACE, the dysphasia is convert alpha septet. Its a signal we are already familiar with. Leaving the light on for us has return contributions back to Earth for the Lear and his crew are what's required for a space program that has lasting implications for mankind sustainability. These are Emergency contingency vehicle's and columbine the delta for mans delta to the stars and beyond. 48122381.4

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