Space Lasers

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, May 2, 2020 12:24 AM

Argon Lasers at 12 over; The catapult in the photon exchange is enormous. The more power produced the stronger the laser. Our technology has to be laser focused in the development phase of the innovation. The power required is at 12 over. 45,000 volts at 300 amp will be the fortitude. It is in consistent signal detail for the entire combustion period. The allowance in the hot chamber is a plasma detach correlation to hydrogen alpha states 1278133481.2 this is blue in color. The Cap se is the delta in place to except the high voltage, the High c is made of copper and zinc. This excepting plate is the confluence in the hot box. The photon exchange is at 12 over this is a multiplication of industry power all in one technology. The XCL Power Producer can run small communities, however if all the power was in sync with Argon Laser the delta is the columbine of the Universe, Argon has a detach at alpha state, and is the columbine of the Universe and therefore allows the photons to exchange at a very high rate, its enough to return to the absorption plate and a super computer counting the photons in the exchange of the Aspirator Absorption Screen. The screen is just above the operator, as the photons return we count them in, and divide them into increments of distance. Photon exchange in space at 12 over is calibrated to the conglomerate disdain at 8100 per ft. This number is very important it is the value in space conglomerate, the amount its been compounded in space. If we equal the 8100 compound delta we will have resilience. Extremely fast crafts and Argon Lasers that can travel billions of miles and bring back data like no other technology. Count and burn the photon in the exchange hot box. The optics are at 12 over and columbine the delta of space to conglomerate state and deliver the photons to celestial bodies in range of the known Universe. Photons zeal at 3100 degrees. Capillary disdain alpha segate dimensional qualified aggregate Delta T at 8100 forgoing alpha state return is columbine delta conglomerate. Automatic photon exchange calibrated within 2 ft of celestial measured body. Real Time conglomerate 77481.2

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