Stanard A/I

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 16, 2019 3:37 PM

Class 5 A/I; The class 5 A/I is a pole, It is anchored in the delta quadrant of the craft. The A/I pole can talk, it can register deltas, and columbine information to the Lear console in seconds of asking. It has no moving parts and does not look like any A/I in technology today. Its a super computer and has the craft embodiments in Lear approach. It can voice record, read information to the Lear, and coordinate the vectors in converse and concourse evaluations. Its design is to accompany the Lear on missions that require vectoring secursions and detail the data being examined. It has a 24 volt transceiver system. It has no screen, it develops the data for the Lear at his console only. The A/I can count the espionage in the fuel expense and in data control processes for the photon exchange counts to the transceiver. It is independent to the process, but can evaluate the conditions of space and Lear expressions in conversations. It has a download processor only. Up-loads are only vital information required to the health of the crew and the safety armaments recognized conditions. It can speak in a variety of languages, and can count the disdain in-vitro. It can warn in polarizing situations, like columbine secursions with elemental infractions detected from the outside sensors. It also has the capability to warn the Lear of an in coming object. The three way detection system mounted on the top of the craft has direct wire to the convoluted expressions. They include planets, moons sun and a variety of detectable objects like steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, converse chemicals, like prosperous, hydrogen ,nitrogen compounded, and influx deltas like oxygen, phosgene gas and chlorine. The sample detectors are mounted outside the craft and are complied to the A/I mainframe detector analogy. The strut formation is fiber optics, but in the craft it has some conventional liberty. Music can be uploaded prior to the mission and stimulated conversations in the in-value content of planets and moons. It also can reference any word in the dictionary and break down the algorithms in Teledyne conversations from mission control. Its algorithm dispatch is a known variance but can be complicated in the break down. Class 5 A/I algorithm 78122481.2 Columbine deltas. Re-verb distinctions are mounted at the caliper mid ship. signal deposits are analyzed through out the mission. Mission X Control has dismount capability. 128122471.2

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