EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, September 26, 2020 9:56 PM

Calvines 101; Calvines can be characterized as roads in space and they do not change much. They are linked to the data, they evolve just like anything else in the Universe, they have condition, they evolve with patience. The calvines we have in our sector of space are the richest in the galaxy. They columbine chemicals to deliver life for the conglomerate of space itself. Its an easy proposition because the Earth is the standing point in the galaxy. Delivery systems were developed to concourse chemicals for the variance of the main objective LIFE. Calvines are responsible for the delivery mechanism we have in the Universe. What are they exactly? They combust the nature of the calamity of life. There purpose is what is examined, they condition the space to carry chemicals, elements and quantum particles to evaluate the prospect of life for the conglomerate. They were developed staring from the beginning of conquest of life for the conglomerate. The big Bang worked here and the conglomerate was impressed with the results that the conglomerate decided to create many BIG BANGS, HUNDREDS ACCORING TO THE ALGORITHM 7812238144781.4. Mission to columbine life in conjecture to chemicals available to discern life extension in alpha states. The conglomerate created these calvines to determine its own fate. Universe lives just like a planet or moon. There was some chemical reactions that did not prosper but gave rise to phosgene gas, delta depre, alpha condition in a super nova and many more. Calvines carry the dysteria from one location to another, this leaves trails and molecular structure can move in them. They defy all logic and stay together, because the conglomerate allows for life extension and therefore does not allow any cohedence between the calvines known as dead zones. Density defer at 2.18971.2 very little condition and comply to nothing. This empty space is the coagulant to the expansion of space delta. Calvines do not grow they simply defer to empty space. The conglomerate expects the molecular structure to keep moving in the delta of empty space. The condition must be there to create the new calvine. Alpha signals are related in the calvines. if no signal alpha defer to empty space its the evolution of our Universe. 1281

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