Steering Low Tech.

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 9:33 PM

The Afermium Deluge; The center piece of the ship is the Afermium Deluge, It allows the Lear and all in command to drive the ship. The consequence of induction in space is a forward motion, To engage the Afermium deluge is a honor and well respected duty from all crew members. At the helm is a lever its approximately 14 ft long. When in command the steering is affluent in the deluge of reactions. The hand grip allows the commander to moves in increments to right and left it also can plummet the ship down and Excalibur up. When in motion the ship stays in motion through out the journey, The helm is always occupied. The Afermium deluge allows the material for frontal assault to be deluged into the resonance field. The small amounts of anti-matter escape through the affluent corridor. The Ship makes delineations in response to the induction plates at the rear of the ship. Every response is coordinated to the direction of the ship and its ordinance requested by the A/I. The A/I makes a request to move the ship at increments known to deliver the expected out-come. The A/I has already mapped out the detach alpha signals to the helm. They come in detach alpha signals to a delta com-abbreviator. The delta com abbreviator tells the commander to release at intervals consistent to the motion and the deluge affluent delta in time sequence. The screen has abbreviations it tells the commander how far to push or pull the Afermium deluge and how long. Steering in chemical analysis is the best way to move in space. The conglomerate is livid at the affirmation and consequently moves at top-out speed. Space will move you but you steer the way you want or organized the A/I to the detach alpha signals in retrospect to the delta. The commander will think that its the power of the ship ,but in reality its the conglomerate in segway delta that is really in command. The only difference in the indifference is the outcome is affluent to the mission and the journey is completed this way as statutory significant to the delta of space conglomerate. 4488281.2 conglomerate disdain alpha signal radius alpha columbine delta 227814488281.2.

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