Struck Alpha

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, March 7, 2020 12:46 AM

Feral Lobotomy; Space can not deliver the anguish of columbine, Its moving you because it thinks it can. The sense is the space conglomerate has a simple dysteria, however its complex. It must sense that the ship is a delivery system for parts of space it wants the inversion field in. The truth is space wants to survive just like any planet or star. The movement in the Universe is indicative to life secursions. The payoff is lighting, when a planet shows lighting, life soon follows. The culmination of lighting and natural dysteria is a columbine on a level called Struck Alpha. Space is not just what we live in on a planetary basis, but a conglomerate that separates life from a secondary displacement in the cosmos. When you see lighting from a planet or moon life will follow in increments. Carbon is destroyed in the involvement of life secursions but leaves a columbine to cling too. This apparatus is dust of the planet and the columbine is the lighting. The zeal is ferocious and can create instruments of life. Planets that have a lot of lighting are the culmination of life to come and will continue to deluge the struck function of the conglomerate. The carbon is in detail but cannot become life without the struck affirmation. Its the main reason we evolved as carbon base life forms. The dysteria is sublime, but the lighting is virulent and the combination creates life as we know it. 440022381.2 calvine dysteria at epilog detail in conference with the conglomerate in alpha states. The carbon must have two ingredients one it must contain sulfur and the second is phosphorus, these two elements are a base line for life. To culvert these two in space is the opportunity for the conglomerate to divide the dysteria to culmination and is sent to retrieve. These particles are then deposited on the planet or moon and soon the lighting starts. Life has a complex algorhythm but these two ingredients are essential in life demand. The lighting is very hot coming from the conglomerate, its dysteria is the confine dealt by the conglomerate to multiply the secursions over and over. The creation is one atom two cells and one delta in exuberant and the life form can be evident. All life forms develop like this. The lighting is the Feral Lobotomy. Calvine the dysteria from space and the columbine does the rest. Subjective life forms are the deterrent to the space lobotomy in alpha states. We have a space that thinks life. 12814122381.4 over 78122381.9. Is it thought or is it driven?

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