Teaching the A/I

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, July 6, 2020 2:31 AM

Singularity Confine A/I; The singularity confine is a state of mind, We teach the A/I the singularity. We show the A/I that what we say is the golden rule. We complex the delta in the algorithm. To do that the A/I is given a series of clues to identify with. The water is clear but to the A/I its blue. Its trying to understand that we as people have a different view of the world. We tell the A/I that the water is clear, but it only knows that water is blue. The state of mind then changes. The A/I convulses the information and signifies that the water is clear. We did not have to prove anything. The aptitude of the A/I that correlated the significance of the water being clear. The neural net of the A/I stops for a moment and had to think about that the water is clear and not blue. That is the mind of the A/I it wants to believe you in the upload, but still has trouble because its delta has always have seen the water as blue. The singularity confine is the delta between the actual despondency and the thought provoking analogy. The singularity confine is delta that allows the computer to think. Its often convulsed. The power is increased by very small amounts internally. This convulsion has collapsed the delta to a serge of descriptive views of water and deletes the notion, that the water is blue. The Singularity is the extra power needed to decipher the information and conclude the water is clear. The A/I has determined that water is clear only after we have told it was clear. The significance of the golden rule is marked in this demonstration of delta confines of the singularity confine. To improve the singularity one must challenge the A/I, Apples are sweet, but there are sour apples too. When a bird is in flight the delta of the bird is nothing. If the bird is flight it must be something, the A/I will convulse the interpretation as the delta of the bird is its distance squared. The logic is then multiplied in other know charistics of a bird in flight. What is the wind speed of a blind madden sparrow? To convulse the singularity it must have a delta. Induction resonance alpha signals 22781.4.

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