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EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, February 20, 2020 6:30 PM

Collapse the delta; All functions on the Class7 have the detach alpha and coincide with the A/I infraction. Each crew member has a device in front of them, The detach alpha signing device. It is the communication between the crew and the computers on board. They wonder from one cubical to another, the communication is gathering information based on the intellect of the crew members out put. The information is stored on a hard drive that features the crews own intellect and the A/I and quantum details. The confines are examined by the crew and the computers. The sensors are the revelation to the detail, and the disdain is revealed in quantitative states. The example is the Box Trot it comes to your station in quantitative analysis on something the crew is examining, The reveal is a sound variance first, then its quantitative state is the detach. The crew members are elated when all agree. Collapse the delta on all examinations. The Lear is first in the Box Trot, then command details are next in the signaling. Everyone has input to the examinations. The A/I then alters the box trot to examine the variance. Space examinations are an effort of all the crew. Calculus determinations are done by the A/I. Physics are done by the quantum computer and the crew evaluates the delta. All information is shared amongst the crew members, the collapse in the delta comes when all agree to the variance in question or alpha signals in confines. The reactions on board are subjective to the outcomes in the variance. The ship will react to certain expressions on the hull and can be confusing due to the space conglomerate disdain in function. Space will move you it will squeeze you and alter your course if you are not on the same page. The functions are evaluated and studied for many miles and there is time to learn. These exercises are in our own sector of space before any jumps are attempted in sequence alpha. Anti-Matter is a substance that the crew is examining all the time, how much and how far the ship can travel in the aspiration sequences, Remember the aspirations should never increase more than 2/10ths in variances this allows the ship to move in command of the crew not the conglomerate of space. High aspirations can cause a catapult for the ship to outer space, its a reaction that will be identified in the collapse of the delta. The aspirations are the speed at witch the material is injected into the inversion field. Deltas are evaluated and the ship goes where the crew intends. The Class 7 star ship moves in main calculus at 41 million miles per decent. The expansion details of Anti-Matter are convex in upcoming blogs. Detach Alpha signing device command 1 sequence in manufacturing 2278133481.2.

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EA Martinez MLD on Friday, February 21, 2020 12:30 AM

Convex Arboretum; The delta reacts to the arboretum and convexes the craft in a forward motion, its the delta that has hold of the ship. Ships that have arboretum have a catapult reality. When ships in space move in velocity disdain with the Universe the craft has the ability to deliver faster convulses in that reality. All convulses in space velocity have the same parameters. The match is the convulse to the reactive force on the ship. The Class7 has top-out at 88k fpm, therefore it can react to forces far greater than expected. It can deliver the top-out speeds at higher velocities. The Convex Arboretum is the clevis in the disdain. Space will move you, but you can move space as well. The intellect in that movement is the Convex Arboretum. The higher the induction in space the higher reality of velocity is achieved. The scale has never been tested, but we have limits to the construct or the material we can use. Since density allows movements then its possible to achieve top-out speeds at 281 k fpm. The Earth has material that can withstand such forces at this time and new materials are the reality of the convex arboretum. Alloys in the spectrum of aluminum and nickel are convulsed to withstand such forces. Thirteen percent of the hull in the Class7 is nickel. The materials are designed to convulse in the convex arboretum. The nickel is in the wings only. The strength of these two materials are perfectly designed for space travel with Anti-Matter as the fuel expense. The convex arboretum of space is everywhere, as long as you have induction the space conglomerate will except the disdain in stator Evex alpha signals. In fact the space conglomerate prefers these types of Evex constructs. They allow for disdain to space so you can move at faster Evex sublime alpha signal. 441281282481.2.

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