Teledyne Communication

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, June 29, 2020 2:33 AM

Teledyne Manifest; The algorithms have a seat in the Space Annuls, The Teledyne models are outlined at the 4140, The combustion of detail can be alarming when discovered, they represent the communication discussed in our blogs, they give precise detail to molecular structure, space debris, and act like any other communication, the only difference in the indifference is that words are not required to communicate in space no matter the distance. They are all numbers. and they all have a sound. If a letter is required its a deposit of material in medicine. We propose the alpha signals be uploaded first to accommodate the influx data. While we wait for the signals to roll over the information we accommodate the downloads in numerical form, 22 for example is oxygen, If you follow our algorithms they are congealed to symmetry. 781 hydrogen , 481 nuclear nitrogen. Radiated spaces in delta signals like 44,88,22,24. Composites are likely interfaced with the hall marks of space. 78122481.2, The key board only has numbers and is located at the Aft of the ship. Everything has an algorithm, there are composites that look like other material. Mars for example there are harden steel, it is Iron fused. 48122781.4 the Teledyne infraction are sounds, each number has a sound. The recorder recognizes the algorithm and is described to Earth, or the crafts mainframe and set in verbal instruction to the variance. The Teledyne Manifest is accumulation of all known algorithms that are congealed, and compounded. Signals that are of states of matter and the columbine of space material detailed in the space annuls are located at the 4140, Since all the algorithms have a sound variance the computer can recreate the number and decline the information to delta significance. The Lear Captain simply punches in a series of numbers that best describe what is being witnessed, cloud formations ,78122481.2, gas formations in spectrum 22481.4, Gravity waves 12817156, Delta Down significance 128144871.2 Density deflection 1281448822381.2, reverse delta 128171486, All the aspects are recorded there. They are not always explained, but give variance logic determination and space intellect. The Teledyne matrix is vast and composites its detail at the 4140, the information is always ready. All composites have a sound variance in Space with density factor. Gravity Waves are always determined from the source. Alpha signals are the key to understanding the Teledyne and algorithms. To Force is to delta the significance. Words are descript of numbers. Collegiate forces are columbines 2288781.4. All reactions are descript in the Space Annuls. Space Law is directed to manifest journals, the columbine is delta and explained in detail. 77281.2, Sounds are flagrant and columbine the infractions of space. Juniper states like heat are alpha signals 12814488281.2

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