Teledyne Matrix

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 24, 2020 11:40 PM

Clandestine Venture; When traveling in space the option is Calvary or clandestine venture. Its important to travel in groups if possible, the reason is if you are clandestine the venture is yours. Space is not forgiving, its a delta, and you can be whisked away if you are not paying attention. Traveling in groups has a sense of security. The biggest for mention is that traveling in groups can lead to confusion as to where the group is in vector. The Teledyne Matrix is a form of communication when in space, and the algorithms that are used are for traveling in groups. The Teledyne matrix has variance the lead force is always the MLD the communication between ships are the variance in response to the lead ship in convoy. Clandestine ventures are designed to travel anywhere however the synapse is the Earth convex delta in transgression to the algorithm. Traveling in groups the delta is the algorithm in convex delta to the lead ship. For example the lead ship has the ordinance in vector at all times. The inversion fields have manifest delta, when traveling with a group of inductive crafts the inversion fields can feel each other in the vacuum of space. The delta dichotomy is 1281 ft. to each other. This synapse delta coincides with fulcrum for each ship. Overlapping can be done in cluster to a planet, however the dichotomy should be used. Inductive crafts can communicate between the crafts in Teledyne matrix at the dichotomy delta. If the groups lengthens their vector the command delta is all that is converse alta. Space has dead zones the further the distance in the dichotomy delta at 1281 the less information can be transuded. Sound has variance the Teledyne matrix built into the crafts are short range communication parameters. The lost void is that the Earth can here and transduce all the communication that the convex is in detail no matter the distance. The Teledyne matrix is also used as a S.O.S. The alpha repeater has legs, it can detect the inversion field in climax delta. This very small piece of uranium is the convex for the communication of the Teledyne matrix. Its staffed at 124188781.2 the vacuum in chamber above the craft has 2.18418 and hermitically sealed. The detection is driven between the crafts at the dichotomy delta and everyone can here the sound variance collectively. The on board A/I is transverse into numbers on the screen. The asteroid at vector sequence is delta to the crew in converse at 12498171.2. This algorithm scenario will tighten the delta dichotomy in Clandestine venture or convex delta espionage.

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