Terraforming 101

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 2:14 PM

Collective Terraforming; The Class 5 Star Craft in virtue has the ability to Terraform any planet that has a rocky core. The inductive capability starts with the inversion field itself. Its payload is 1,481 lbs, the material can be of anything from plastic to wooden pieces. Certain metals are allowed up to a given weight. The density should not match the Hull. Its very hard to pick up Aluminum. The craft payload works in Earths Atmosphere too, the in value is that the craft is a work horse for space travel and Terraforming. The crafts top-speeds will convene at the planet surface from Earth to Mars fore example in hours rather than days or months. When looking at a Terraform like Mars one must ask what will we do here? What values are the land in detail? To calculate the diversion field one must see the atmospheric break down. Your craft is an energy field, you can move certain molecules from one place to another and add certain chemicals for the balanced result. The very first thing the planet needs is to be heated up. The most economical way to do that is to bring Earth refuge like mulch. The material can be sent unmanned and scattered in a geostatic area and columbine the planet to space. These runs to Mars will be frequent, and compress the density there to react. With a large area of the planet covered the heating process will begin. The second ingredient is Sea Weed , this has a metabolic reference to go by. Density in close compilation with seaweed is virtuous in the creation of the water to follow with the first rains. The seaweed will break down with the water and you have a primordial soup to cultivate. The Mulch is for the land its warming affect will cause the planet to recognize the Universe for help. The planet will ask for phosphorus, oxygen chlorine, phosgene, All in a way of delivery of comets. This is the start of the bombardment with the necessary chemicals to rotate the planet and condition the Universe for a delta down in gravity. The Planet must rotate at least 3 times before the Universe recognizes the defection in columbine delta, Its the chemical additions that are creating the gravity inflection for the planet to be self sustaining for us. The more we add the higher rate of success. One key ingredient for Mars is Bee Pollen, It transfers the molecular structure from the mulch to the ground, This relationship is important to growth enraptures that follow the first rains. The Class 5 Star Craft has collective Terraforming capability, With enough refuge from Earth the first rains are expected in a delta down atmospheric chemical change in 80 years. All possible with inductive crafts. and un-manned drop offs for field cultivation projects. The Universe is doing most of the entanglements for us as long as we contribute to life expectancy.

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