Testing Spatial Time

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, February 6, 2020 10:17 PM

Spatial Time; Before traveling in space one may consider the fact of Spatial Time in account. These star ships are quite capable of reaching trillions of miles. Time dilation in our sector of space has clandestine attraction, If there are others they surly know Time dilation and Spatial Time. We are from Earth , and there is consequence when traveling more than a trillion miles from Earth. Time dilation consequences are you age faster but still slower than the people of Earth. The algorithm shows that at a trillion miles you age slightly faster than the drop count at 14.7, These few seconds are made up in time dilation. For example if you leave this solar system and travel a trillion miles in 4100 jumps the calculation becomes advent to the heart. Your biological clock is sped up and conditions your heart in every Time dilation you encounter. You are capable of surviving in space at Time dilation periods and convulse the spatial Time. Your body simply adjusts its heart to a rhythm that sustains life no matter where you go in sublime space. This is a collegiate after math in the convulsion delta of the continued jumps. Its the delta of your heart. How many Spatial Time dilations are there? The human body has the capability to warrant all spatial Time dilations, The heart will adjust at intervals of a 1,b481, 1 trillion, convex Altas at 42 trillion and the collapse delta at 448122381.4 the edge of the Universe. The A/I will convulse the delta through any journey. It will calculate your age at every time dilation period. Nineteen seconds in one trillion miles, The drop count is now an up count at 42 trillion alta incursion, 81 seconds, now you are aging faster than the people of Earth, The collapse delta is the same speed of the Earth. A minute in space collapse delta is equal to the Earth Time dilation at 60 seconds. This Spatial Time is a common aftermath. Time is the rhythm of the Universe. 44882718800.

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