Testing the Conglomerate

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, January 23, 2020 10:22 PM

Cohort Delta; The cohort delta consists 4 members of the crew that keep the ship in order, They are space engineers. They have tools for rectifying the Anti-Matter. They are chemists. They can explore delta that is not collaborated. They have a reactionary chamber Its 12 inch kettle its designed to test chemicals in space delta. They will often compare the delta in vectors that do not coincide with normal flagship. Space is an aware of certain chemicals. They developed colligate remedies to resilience type of crafts, They test vectors and columbine the delta to the screen. They release chemicals as if it were anti-matter to test the collaboration of space delta. They have their release chamber and exits in the pathway to the galaxy shield. They release certain chemicals while moving at Mach speeds, the condition can change in an instant. They are looking for the dismissal of the conglomerate. What this tells them is that the chemical in disdain are retardant and convulse the ship to certain directions. The Class 7 is a Star Ship but it also tests the space intellect. The Ariel Gentries contain chemicals over 80 million miles above the Earth. When traveling to other galaxies its best encumbered at Gentry level 1. The cohorts test space reality. The combination of chemists and engineers are the collaboration with the rest of the crew. They identify with anomalies and space encumber. If there is a certain color they would evaluate its substance, its Gentry level and columbine the detour or investigate the collaboration of space conglomerate. They also tests space vacuum. Sulfur for example may not flow in certain densities. Where prosperous will columbine the higher Gentry at lower suspect. The top-out speeds are determined in chemical analysis. They systematically converge and the information is delta to the A/I where processing is submerged. They captain the space walks if required on the outside of the ship. They test delivery aspects to the delta at mach speeds. They gather substance on the hull and compare affirmation details to the chemical analysis. They also inspect the hull for stress cracks and any damage in converse when in Limit Standing. They rotate the ship for inspection. These are convulsive tests. The conglomerate is in constant contact and the ship and reacts to certain chemicals and metals in different parts of space. The best place to test space intellect is space. Densities of 2.18 over are common attractions with the slightest of movements they can convulse the ship with chemicals by just applying the material the hull. The metal test are not convulsive but show the delta in flight. Their are metals that react to the hull in conglomerate aspirations. The ship can tell us exactly what the composition of space is based on the reaction the conglomerate is showing. A block of aluminum 4x3 can push the craft backwards in space delta. Gold can draw the ship closer to the cohort. Silver will tug the ship. They work together to advance the knowledge of space intellect. They are tethered close to the ship and under observation by the remaining crew. The resilience field is in convalescing when in Limit Standing. 4812271356.

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