The 7 stack

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, June 27, 2019 4:19 PM

Electromagnetic displacement; The converse requires the fortitude in energy production to have an electromagnetic property, the magnets are Samarium cobalt 4 inch. They have the disdain to catapult the venture and to equalize the imbalance to space flight. The system is called the Magnetron. The system starts with a very packed C' configuration, They are stacked 7 high and continuous in the Linear Accelerator triage disdain. This 7 stack are multiplied under vacuum and create enormous pressures to the fuel espionage. The magnetron displaces the variance in vescue. Each cobalt magnet is wired with a cobalt infracted wire and continuous to the Fuel tank under vacuum. This espionage is delta at 14 over. There is no burn only split. The Charge builds and fuel is affluent. The matrix alpha central has delineation in the fuel expense, but catapults the craft at great speeds. The induction will last as long as there is fuel. The Class 5 Star Craft carries 3000 gallons of Methane Hydrate Crystalline sutras, but under vacuum is a liquid. The Craft has espionage to Pluto and back. The electromagnetic displacement confronts the Earth and other planets and moons in what is known as dysteria venture. The epoch delta is met with resistance to the Earth and determination calculus from other planets, and moons. The May width is columbine and the experience is delta delivery. The displacement also carries the fuel espionage to the center of the vescue in doormat conditions. The fuel is moving at Cylow Alta 22481.2. These molecules are moving very fast even at rest the craft is ready to go at Induction at all times. The magnetron is convalescing when not under induction demand. The billions of molecules are the affluent to discoveries far way and delta to the stars. Each molecule is split and the circumference grows to delta 8100. This is an important number to remember it is the compound delta of space. Reach this and you are over space density. The craft will move through space like butter. Alpha segate delta T at variance circumference alta dismiss converse alpha. 12818100281.2

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