The Casing

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, June 24, 2019 8:58 PM

Casing imbalance; The casing is where the 7.18 brass reactor is held. The confines are very tight, fraction of an inch for the space. The reactor is wired from the fuel espionage and the culvert of the craft. There are two connections to the reactor, The casing is 24'' inch cube. The reactor sits on center. This is where the energy is emitting. The charged particles are from the fuel tank. The vacuum is 2.18 at all times. The column of energy is rising upward at 128122381.2 this discharge is over the density of space. The imbalance is coffered in the indentured. The higher output the faster the craft. The imbalance has detail around the craft. The energy created is the delta forgoing. When the energy displaces outside the craft, the energy wants to go to ground and we have provided the induction plates for the variance. The energy will want to columbine the space around the craft. The casing is responsible for that function. When the energy is coffered the energy wants to detail the craft and will not stop as long as the molecular structure of the energy is emitting. This creates a haze around the craft, an energy haze. Overtime this haze is the culvert of the craft delta. Columbine delta first, detail the anomaly, forgo the expressions and yield space. 128122381.4. The space in front of the craft is in yield, The molecular structure of the compounds are affluent in the delta. Similar to the sonic boom of the atmosphere. In space we yield the culvert to displace the density to travel in easier. Speed is compounded in space. The higher the yield the faster the culvert. Our culvert is 48,381 fpm. The inductive Liner Accelerator is in confine delta of the craft hull. The reactor is on center of the helm. We never engage the energy emitting the craft directly. if you do it will hurt. The sting is not comfortable. It is the interface we are interested in and its 1 inch from the column of energy known as the Control Alt Delineator. This is as close as we want to be to the energy in resilience to space. It is for all tractable purposes power steering. The space has deterrents and the energy must be stronger than the space in delta. The yield circumference is delta T 124478381.2. Projection displacements are possible with newer technology. The pulse displacement can carry faster expressions in culvert. Phase shift technology is columbine as well. This boost of power can accelerate the craft to twice its propulsion capability. Phase shift tunnels can be incorporated in the class 5 in later designs. 128122381.4.

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