The Conglomerate knows life

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, September 5, 2020 4:45 PM

Pristine Treasure; The alpha in the conglomerate requires that during a Terraform exercise in the solar system, like Mars we be the Pristine Treasure. The insurrections are real and all columbine to detach the fulcrum the conglomerate has for life. To attract the conglomerate is understood that we examine space intellect. We know what it wants, if man is to colonize Mars, the conglomerate would want us in pristine condition. Its important not to colonize to soon, the conglomerate can do some amazing things, But all the molecular structure must be present. This would take on a large amount of time, one molecule at a time. The condition Mars is in today make it a great canadate for colonization. The Planet has radial confliction. It needs help, The structure it lacks the most is phosphorus. This basic building block in DNA and cellular conditioning is at this point convulsive on the planet. Lets start there, density defy is calibrated in the amount of phosphorus in the atmospheric disdain in current condition. Without this very important chemical we may never be here. The Planet lacks the disdain of calibrated alpha segate armatures relating to the conglomerate of space. Its the main reason the planet is not flourishing today. Phosphorus calibrates life in Terraforming. How much should we calculate if we bring the compound to Mars? In conditioning the planet its the first line of defense for the atmosphere to congeal in spectrum with the conglomerate. When the conglomerate sees the phosphorus it wants to dilute the structure, this is a syndicate alpha amount 12,800 lbs in the condition spread in from north to south at 8 minute intervals until completed. The congeal will begin immediately. If we decide to live on Mars it must be part of the conditioning or the conglomerate will disdain the phosphorus and create the phosgene to soon and the calibration is deferred to what we have today in the atmosphere. Your DNA is protected in volumes to the conglomerate. The planet is alive just like you it will notice the condition. The conglomerate waves the dysteria of the density when chemicals are introduced. If we seek a delta down condition like Earth it must be calculated with Earth refuge, phosgene, Phosphorus, Bee Pollen and calculated at the same time. The conglomerate would want us in pristine condition before the first rains in 81 years. 7418122381.2.

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