The Edge of the Universe

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 9:59 PM

Examining the 441 delta; This is an alta level, As we examine this level of space the delta becomes clear. The temperature is different than just 80 feet lower at 12 degrees F. The columbine above is moving. The molecular structure is coherent to the Universe. The friction is obvious and creating the temperature, ciscle temperatures that can not be measured. Through logic and deduction the calibration is at least 100 Kelvin and collapses In-Vitro to the Universe. The signature is colder than expected. How does the Universe have a delta on the outside of the Universe if not for the Universe being a Colossal Star. This area has phenomena that creates the Universe. The chemical analysis for the 441 is considered to have all the known chemicals and others of unknown detail. The Hot Gravity is in detail, for its temperature and columbines with the Universe at the 441, This collaboration with this level is gravity make-up. It comes to us heated and cools in space below the 441. The structure is dissolved chemicals. 88122381.4. The Ciscle temperatures are the Kelvin in detail on the outside of the Universe. Its heat variance has alta chemicals in-vitro. The first to be examined hydrogen, its delta in itself. Its creating the movement. The outside of the Universe is just as important as the inside. The scale is unfathomable, The evidence shows we are in it and not on it. The most likely scenario is that the Universe will create life. This Colossal Star is not the only one. The Universe is a STAR. We call it a Universe, however all the algorithms show its a precise evidence of a star expanding and developing. The Heat is on the outside of the Universe. the background radiation confirms its on the outside. Delta 241817122381.4. Collapse in-vitro are at staggered conclusions into the Universe at the 441. Chemicals, Hot Gravity and Altas are punching into our Universe daily. 7722481.2, Coeleste delta figure elevation 281.2 billion. Space at this level are Coeleste in-vitro and command respect. Inductions will fade at this elevation and are prohibited locations. 281.2 Alpha Gentry calls for resilience to increase by 41 percent. The disdain is capillary in the analysis.

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