The Flux Capacitor

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 9:12 PM

Flux Capacitor; Every inductive craft has a flux capacitor and is understood as the Induction coupler, The induction coupler serves 3 purposes, the first is convects the fuel molecule through the coupler, The fuel molecule is compounded through the induction plates, when it enters the craft in rotation from the outside it is forced through the copper cobalt wire and fluxed through the coupler. The copper cobalt wire is infarcted in the center of this space through the cracks in the center, this allows the molecular structure to move through it without leaking. The center most of the copper cobalt infarcted wire is used for the infraction. Under vacuum the cracks line up and a free flow of the fuel molecule is force through a component that has a chamber the separation is a wall of copper infarcted disc, this separation is equal and the disc wall of the coupler allows for the fuel to move through under vacuum, The second portion is the liquid Methane Hydrate on the other side of the disc. The liquid Methane Hydrate is stable condition to except the molecular structure before discharge back into the linear accelerator. As the molecular structure moves about the ship the inversion field forces the structure to move freely around the ship and through it. The liquid Methane Hydrate is very concentrated with molecular structure almost a viscous consistency after start up. The vacuum conditioned at 2.18 vac, copy delta at intervals. The chamber in diameter is 4.18 and has a copper infracted wire from each plate attached to the coupler. The length is 9.18 in length and the coupler is split in half, a dry side and a wet side. When the outside structure hits the liquid side, a flux is in disparity, and forces the molecular structure to super sonic speeds. The infraction makes this happen, it sounds like its broken ,but only on the inside of the wire. These channels are microscopic but large enough to except the Methane Hydrate fall over a septic columbine delta at 2288481 in fraction must not exceed the delta of the clarification alpha internal signal. 2/10ths caliber delta. The release back into the Linear accelerator flux calibration is delta 8100 per delta at 7/10ths in aspiration. Super Charge delta, clarifier 6100 at 2/10ths in aspiration. 4488281.2 Angle surplus the structure for columbine to the inversion field. Cali281.

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