The God Particle

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, May 8, 2020 3:08 PM

Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome; This depletion of mitochondrial DNA is advanced cellular depletion of the cells in the advance conditioning of human life. Charlie Gard an infant born in the UK. with this disease can be attributed to only 1 percent of all human life in the world. The advance algorithm is only for the parents involved. In the U.S the disease is only known to about 3 percent of all medical personal. Mitochondrial DNA is calculated in the advance of life. There is only one cause for this disease its delta was never delivered at birth. Life has a prerequisite the terminal disdain is evident, the Higgs Boson was not delivered to this baby at birth. All life is delta with this particle. The particle is known as the God Particle. It maintains all life in sequence delta from the moment of birth. The zeal that was not there is responsible for the affliction. The parents are not responsible for this disease its conditioning in the affluence of life sustain attributes. Life on this planet requires the Higgs Boson particle to be affluent in delta in all life conditioning. The life sustaining particle is in all life at birth, unfortunately Charlie did not receive this life sustaining particle at birth delta 187822481.2. Typically this particle is in advance sequestration at birth, the baby would not receive the particle because the delta was not there at that moment of birth. This particle is responsible for the zeal in the molecular structure and starts at that moment of sequestration of air and delta to deliver to the brain circumference. The zeal is so strong that it works 99.9 percent of the time in all life on the Earth. Charlie Gard is one of only a few with the disdain of Earth evaluators. The next baby they have will be successful in life sequestion. The disparity is heavy and the collegiate disdain can be felt all over the World. We wish the family good luck and good health. Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome alpha sequence 22787381.4 over congealed disdain 187822481.2 . Earth Triopathy calibrated at 48122787381.9. Delta inept at sequestion 22787381.4.

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