The Last Vescue

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, April 19, 2020 2:02 PM

Conditioning the fulcrum; The Class 5 and Class 7 starships have one thing in common, they both use the fulcrum of the energy to move forward, if the detail was something else it would fail, inductive power is the last vescue of power that can be made safely for human propulsion. The incumbency is delta and can not be made with out the principles we have outlined in the innovation of the propulsion. If you mix any other fuel it will fail, methane hydrate is the only fuel that can be compounded. The resonance in the delta has fulcrum and allows for the interface delta to columbine the atmosphere of the craft or the Earth. When in resonance its delta has the condition of the body to move the biological cell structure to operate in sequence to the energy and convulse the dysteria to the proper organs to eliminate any despondency adding a layer of protection to the crew members on board. When engaged with a gas giant for example the radiation would kill the occupants of the craft without the inversion field in dexterity. The resonance field is the fulcrum, without it we can not travel in space without this energy protection. Since the propulsion is the same energy it surrounds the craft and permeates the hull. This fulcrum is the only protection the crew has. The same is on the Earth when trying to protect despondency from pandemics or high radiation . The parameters change on the Earth but the result is the same. Once all the cells are turning in the right direction for the crew the resonance has completed its work in that protection. You become energized and there is no despondency or radiation allowed in the body. The human cell has a membrane its outer control is manifested by the intent of the brain to move the cells to their own determination. The energy will not allow the cell to go airy and manifest with a despondency or cling to a radio active particulate. The fields of energy that can be recreated in a building with the same protective characteristics. The fulcrum is 200 ft from the resonance field driver assembly, where the fulcrum on the ship is calibrated in the interface at all times. 78133481.2

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