The power of the Universe

Power of the Universe; Where is the power of the Universe? We look at the standard model but find power missing. There is a unified field theory of the Universe but it does not explain the power of the Universe. The examination of the particles and the how they interact has some clearance, but lacks the power. To understand the power of the Universe one must first examine unknown deltas like gravitons, and dark energy, along with dark matter. The congealed delta make up the strong forces and the weak are the matter that is created. The binders are elevated mater like dark matter, these particles are part of the delta of the Universe. They congealed and convalesce the dark energy we see in the expansion. This alpha is a signal known as the expansion. Without expansion the Universe would collapse on to itself. This dark energy is the delta in the expansion. The dark matter is the congealed delta that has movement. The graviton has lasting delta but lacks the gravity to keep things moving. The power is the result of the dark energy in force to the expansion. If we loose the standard model we suffer the consequences, for example loose the neutrinos and dark matter stays dormant. Alpha the dark energy and the expansion is readily delayed. This would cause the delta to change direction. When this happens the bigger bang is enviable. Alpha signals are apparent in the power of the Universe and has delay and quark separation. Power lasts more than the particles, therefore the alpha signals continued. Delta is established in the alpha signals that have relief nodes. Complex algorithms are the result in columbine deltas and circumference of the Universe. The Universe is moving and that is the dark energy. Dark matter is the congealed apathy of space. 12817148122381.9.

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