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EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 8:38 PM

Control the future; The prospect of controlling the future with Anti-Matter has implications that we can control our destiny and the path man makes on Earth. Moving at Mach Speeds allows us to move into future with surety that the control in the context of space travel is at the forefront of the conversation. If we travel at mach speeds we are a living example, The Anti-Matter launches us so far into the future that new discoveries are the balance in space travel. By moving so fast the experiment is no longer an experiment its a known fact. If a columbine of chemicals are the advent for Cancer or another disease we can travel into future and make that columbine. The result is curing a patient from an extraordinary disease. You wisk them into the Star Craft and catapult them into the galaxy far away. With Anti-Matter it is possible to have a cure for the diseases because the amount of years that would have passed are the collection of knowledge ,but the person with the disease has only traveled a year or more in space. Time is relative to where you are. Time dilation is everywhere, therefore you can leave Earth and by the time you return the disease will be remission and a course of treatment would have been worked out, during the time dilation Earth time. If you travel 40 light years with Anti-Matter into the future, you are collecting knowledge in space and the patient has only progressed in disease for a year. When you return the patient is cured by just knowing what to do about the disease. So much time dilation has passed for person with the disease, then patent goes into treatment back on Earth or on board. Only a year for patient but for the people of Earth in regular time dilation the disease has gone through all the tests and have seen may deaths due to the disease, and so much time has passed. When you return the traveler with the disease, the cure has been found and the that person is now living into the future. Anti-Matter can save lives in the future, we have the ability to move into the future for diseases to save lucky individuals from a fate of death to life one at a time. The purpose of the Star Crafts is revealed. 41002278133481.2 over the Time Dilation alpha 2278133481.2.

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