Travel to a Multiverse?

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 6:43 PM

Delta through dimension; The concept of traveling through dimensions is not an new one, Its a theory that has merit, We ran the algorithm and the results are extraordinary, It calls for the craft to be 8 inches thick in hull all around the occupants of the craft. The density is so wispy that the craft can reach light speed. Its the only area of space where its possible, its not possible in our Universe, but exiting to a multiverse correlates the dextrin of space and what is in between the Universe and the next Universe. The algorithm shows its pure Hydrogen. The nitrogen is in the our Universe. Two separate areas of space where the main Universe is held by another. This quadro delta has implications that light speed is possible there because its the light there that is the conglomerate. its what is in existence in pure hydrogen and manifests the corridor between the two Universes. If the conglomerate allows for the passage at light speed it would be there and no other place in the Universe. We know we cant travel faster than light in our Universe, but between Universes all bets are off. The conglomerate is the delta if its allowed it will happen, the provisions are 8 inch hull maximum in length 13.8 ft. Induction levels are at the minimum, 13,381 fpm. The induction should not exceed the barrier width in conglomeration, lower is better for such a mission. Your craft has no G-Forces on it, the light in between is the Calvary and will carry your craft to the delta that is in conglomeration, if its light you will do light speed. You will have difficulty returning but light speed back as well. Its estimated that the craft will be in corridor for twenty two hours. The craft will end up in a strange Universe where planets are made as fast as they being destroyed. Stars come and go, fission reaction is the delta of this Universe. Move slowly do not take pictures. It may want to react you. Matter is being produced from the algorithm it show that fission reactions create matter. The process is very fast there, here we are producing matter at a rate of one molecule an hour. Fission Reactions create Matter and is destroyed as soon as its formed. There is no time dilation there. you have approximately 35 minutes to return to this Universe if you want to survive the experience. Turn your craft around and induct back the way you came as fast as possible the corridor is near and will except you back. Once you are in your speed will slowly increase to light speed again. This time you will feel an affect on the return side of this Universe. The density will drive back down to your top-out speed very quickly. Its like inertia but has time dilation to bumper your entrance. The Time dilation has changed, you are now 5,000 years older than when you left. Your biological clock is fading and the end would be near if it were not for the induction that shielded you through the deltas dimension corridor. 1400228121481.4

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