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EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:24 PM

Consortium; The alpha segate distribution corridor is for the molecular structure to be counted. Every molecule is counted. The charge indicates the delta in the converse alpha stipulation. Converse the delta in numerical disdain and the structure is the consortium. Every molecule is accounted for. There are billions of molecules in a gallon of Methane Hydrate. The star craft has a holding tank of 3000 gallon capacity built into the hull. The true count starts with the converse alpha segate delta. For every molecule the consortium has 1,480 electrons that attached them selves to the fuel molecule. This charge is dynamic. It polarizes the 8400 strand deduct alpha count to a pin point of light. They are then counted. The heads up display shows the number. The starting number is then counted backward when you leave Earth. The calculus shows the amount of molecules that were started with and disseminates the number at the heads up display near the Helm. When the number is zero you would have conducted your mission. Your craft has been returned for refueling. The independence gives rise to freedom at its core in-vitro dissemination. Molecular structures are counted backwards. You start with a known dissemination count. To go to the Moon the Star Craft would need at a minimum delta quadrant alpha dissemination count of 32 billion molecules. This is equivalent to one gallon of Methane Hydrate dissemination calculus. The craft moves at alpha segates so the top out speed is a variance in time. Time aperture involvements are easily calculated knowing the induction variance through density in value alpha. Top Out speed is 48,381 fpm. The count restrictions are for the calculations for the Lear. He knows that it will take at least 4.5 minutes to arrive at the moon in converse alpha segate determination. The conclusion is that in 4.5 minutes we have used 32 billion molecules. We will need 48 billion to get back. When you start counting molecules you use less fuel. The dynamic starts with splitting the molecule rather than burning. Burning a fossil fuel is such a waste. The alpha energy is the consortium. The molecules disseminate into smaller particles in that they compound into resilience. This higher strength in power allows the craft to move through space without burn and with ease. The 8400 strand is the alpha control septet but concludes in the variance in speed. If the density changes so does the craft. The craft will travel faster in certain densities and we will know the increase in speed because the fuel count stays the same and the variance is alpha segate rather than push density rocketry. 48122381.4. We can travel faster with less fuel and reach our destinations in the solar system by splitting the fossil fuel rather than burn. The technology allows for an accurate count to the consortium. Space Law 48122381.4 and 5.

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