Turbo Induction

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, June 29, 2019 3:26 PM

Continuity; This craft has continuity in the reflux delta of the battery system. As discussed in earlier blogs there are 7 induction plates slipped in the rear of the craft each with its own space like an envelope and stair stepped in condition to the variance alpha signal alpha. Each one of these plates are wired. On center a cobalt infarcted wire is embedded into the plate and soldered. It is then threaded through the hull and manifold together with the other six cobalt wired strands. The continuity comes by way of the Induction coupler. This coupler is the junction for the manifold of the induction plates. All the wire that is coming from the induction plates are condensed into one strand into the induction coupler. The induction coupler is made of aluminum and has two sides. It is hollow on both sides of the coupler. The induction coupler has a barrier on center to separate the electrons entering the coupler. This is known as the dry side. The plate that separates the coupler is copper cobalt and is permeate affixed on center. When the electrons from the plates are energized the coupler acts like a disdain the molecular structure on the wet side of the coupler. This is an important part of the continuity influx delta. The wet side has 4 oz. of methane hydrate and collects the fuel driven molecular structure from culvert to the battery. These are Super Charged Negative Ionic Induction molecules feeding the battery. The wet side of the induction coupler is valuable. The Methane Hydrate is so concentrated that it can cure cancer and create life. The algorithm also shows the 4 oz. of this material is best hydraulic oil ever invented. Its value is over 21 million per oz. It may be the secret to longevity in human age. Tests are to be determined. On the wet side of the coupler the wire is reduced to a cobalt infarcted rod and delivered to the battery and the casing as the multiplier Stator. Convex Multiplier alpha signal disseminator complex 48122381.4

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