Understanding the Columbine

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 11:13 PM

The Columbine; The columbine is the detail of molecular fall out. Its the delivery of induction when these molecules converge. The columbine is the detail for most planets and moons relation to the Universe space conglomerate. The columbine has detail with all that is circumference with space particles. It allows for the creation of planets and Moons. The term is a collective disdain in-vitro alpha sequence. Our atmosphere is a columbine in nature. We must understand the columbine of all the planets we will be traveling to. If we do not understand the columbine, there is point in visiting that planet or Moon. Not knowing could be a death sentence. Large amounts of Hydrogen can be an abrupt to your craft. Traveling through Nitrogen the conglomerate is your best bet for survival. Nitrogen is the columbine for the Universe everywhere you may go. It makes up the detail for all the delta of the Universe. The Universe is moving just like the Earth, however much slower. Everything in space is in delta. Nothing is dormant in the larger picture. The vacuum of space is created by this delta of the Universe. Its a slow purge. The columbine binds particles in delta. Delta is movement. The particles would be dormant if not for the columbine in delta. This creation has collisions in space. The particles are the conglomerate in the alpha sequence of space delta. Nitrogen has the space sequence alpha for our Universe. 71 percent of our atmosphere is Nitrogen. The space conglomerate is the same percentage. Scientists may say that hydrogen is the most abundant particle in the Universe, but they would be wrong. There is more space between the planets and Stars, this is where nitrogen can be found. Its space itself. The columbine is the generator for creation. Hydrogen is the defuse. Oxygen is the balancer. Phosphorus is the delivery. Sodium is a congealer in the columbine. Sulfur is the disdain in space annuls. People are the by-product of the columbine. 48122381.2.

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