Understanding Time at great Distances

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, February 8, 2020 6:19 PM

Spatial Time inflection; The most of space has delta, but there are pockets of lost time. The concourse of the Universe is spatial time variance. The Star Ship will prove to be an asset to the colonies of space. The space colonies are the advent of Spatial Time. They will have there own circumference in Time. All planets have their own delta no matter their spatial inflection. The concourse values the colonies to their inflection value on the Universe. Planets wave their inflection, The conglomerate disdains the planet in rotation and capitalizes the momentum. Every time variance has time dilatation periods. These are mostly dependent on the circumference in the entanglement of the rotation in chemical and drive sequence of the Universe. The Universe wants to spin or alter the celestial body in some way. Space expects things from planets in that the rotation creates the time dilation sequence for that area of space. Our spatial Time inflection matches the outer time dilation period at 42 trillion miles from Earth. Planets with life for example can survive there just as they do in our Spatial Time variance. The matching of the Time variance in spatial time is a requirement of survival. Planets with life that far away are prime for colony attraction. Spatial time is the equivalent to the days we have on Earth, but only there. The Time variance at 1 trillion matches the sequence also but lacks the differential of life. You may age slightly faster there but nothing gained or loss. Time dilation is all about how fast you age, colonize in areas of space where its the same dilation period or close and the survival aspect goes way up. Spatial Time has aging properties. If you can find the match there's most likely life there already. The reason the Universe has spatial; Time is to evolve the creation of life. Go to fast and nothing takes hold, go to slow and the dinosaurs live for trillions of years. Our Time Dilation is set for people to evolve, and its the Time inflection we have at present that gives us the command to colonize other Time dilation periods for the clevis of life to continue. The Eco Universe is always on set to time dilation once life has started. 4488281.2. The conglomerate delivers the in-value of life with the rotation of the planet and ours is a common one with our Time dilation, in fact its the best one for life. Time is not a constant nor is it a fulcrum but is the variance to life evolve. 78122481.4 over non-op rotation convulsed inquiry with Mars. The colonization of Mars for example with an increase of rotation on the planet in delivery construct will convince the Universe for life. The mere fact we colonize there, the Universe will scale the rotation up and remove the dead moons. Spatial Time inflection is very powerful and convincing to the Universe. Mars will increase its rotation and match the Earth with a spatial time deflection of 41 years. Life breeds life in our Universe and Spatial Time Inflection is key in that understanding.

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