Understanding Venus

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, September 12, 2019 8:34 PM

Venus Trek; The star craft is heading back to Earth, The confines are an example of this type of journey. The A/I is fraudulent in the documentation, Its collapse is the sulfur extension in the engulf. We must clear the detail for the correct analysis, and calculate the disdain further away from the planet. The sulfur tries to hijack the equipment. Its reading only oxygen at the Planet surface we know that's not accurate, Why does sulfur calibrate? Sulfur can throw the instrumentation off with engulfs more than 28 percent sulfur. In the molecular world these particles imitate other substances, in large quantize. They have the ability to disguise, but the they can not escape the sound of the crafts instrument. The pounding can only be Sulfur. The calculations start at least 28 percent sulfur at the on set. The Lear instructs the A/I to recalibrate with the sound in the centrifuge delta rather than the columbine. Sulfur is very distinctive. The alpha signal is apparent in detail and the vector is 128122481.4 100,000 nautical miles away from planet Venus. The Star Craft is dissident in surplus energy, but can be in incumbency with induction delta 281.2, The convex in alpha state will be for top -out in twenty two minutes. The calibrations are made, the victory is to calculate the disdain all the way to Earth. The information is invaluable. The Star Craft will show that sulfur exists on Venus and is the apparent delta for the atmosphere. It will also show where the planet likes to deluge to. This is an alpha corridor and do not expect any increase in speed back home. Prosperous is the collegiate chemical for increased delta and top out speed. Sulfur will disdain most for the trip, The particle infraction will vary to alpha contingency at 1244781.2 and every 41 minutes in calibration. We can follow the exchange and the corridor can be recorded in space annuls. 19m481 is interesting in the way of chemical calvine that exist. The chemical is residual up to alpha state of the Earth and it changes to phosphorus. The chemical disdain is there at this elevation. It is calculated at double the top-out speed with induction particle physics. 124122381 to 481.2 over in the same corridor.481.2 is sulfur in the algorithm. When these two chemicals find each other, they represent oxygen in the making. The Nitrogen cavitates and the oxygen molecules are apparent in deluge at the alpha state. 128122481.2.

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