Universe let in the Gravity

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, September 7, 2019 3:40 PM

Parabolic Dimension; When a planet is forming the advance to its delta is the parabolic dimension. This is an area of the atmosphere where the planet communicates with the molecular structure. The planet decides to engulf or deflect. The Para flex has dimension in that the planet decides the variable in what it will use. The planet is trying to grow in sense of evolution. It will try different ways to communicate at certain elevations and chemicals that reveal their signal. The higher the barrier width the harder it is to establish a quarantine. The Parabolic Dimension is created by the planet, 1241, for Venus. The molecular structure is a columbine for death. The planet for eons has tried different chemicals and the latest is promising ,but lacks the gravity inflection. Its determination is at 1241, where Earth is 1281, They are determined solely by the planet. The convection starts at 2200 ft. from the surface. The Parabolic dimension must meet the Para flex at one point. When the molecular structure of the planet and the density of space has congealed the advance can begin. The graviton is then signaled that gravity is parabolic and the particles begin to differentiate the closing. The planet must meet the Para flex for this to happen. The density decides to soften. The graviton is let in, and the atmosphere begins to change. The CO2 is transit, but the oxygen is now free. The nitrogen begins to cavitate the atmosphere with the higher graviton inflection. The graviton can work on any world as long as the parabolic dimension and Para flex has met. Its the meeting place for planets and moons, for their development. This is a natural secursion and most planets figure it out over millions of years, but some linger for infinity. Venus is a candidate for Terraform, because it uses its alta intensions on the Earth. You must have the good with the bad, but we do not need any more help from a planet too. Cancers are linked to Altas of Earth and many come from Venus. The algorithm for Venus and its atmosphere is 12418122381.2. Not yet convexo, alpha in determination. To help Venus will help in its own determination and create another Earth like planets right here in our backyard. It makes sense as our world becomes overcrowded, resources diminish and more space is needed. With the clevis in disdain attribute the planet will cool to a balmy 81 degrees everywhere. Water has incline there and the density will change even more with advance in clevis disdain. Rains are expected in 71 years. The water in the Universe has the same determination as planets so the parabolic dimension must meet the Para flex to release the oxygen and the graviton will encumber the H2o, the first rains will be toxic but soon clear in real rains. Oceans will be created and the alpha signal will change to 128122481.9, The graviton steps up the variance and we have spin aperture involvement. This dramatically changes the temperature of the planet, even though not in the goldilocks zone. Radiation deflection will begin in 122.4 years. The Alta zone for human is 2.81, but there its lower. Protection is at 3 over.

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