Upon Decent

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 9:09 PM

The final decent; From the 341 we advance in capillary decent. The craft is disinfected and all nuclear particles have been eliminated, The particles will divorce this energy in time but like to linger for a few hours and the disinfect is necessary. Nuclear particles brought in from the upper atmosphere are a columbine with the hydrogen alpha H2. They want to join the calliope but deflective is the concourse of the molecular score. Since it is possible to pick up nuclear waste the craft is designed to deflect these particles back into space. The length of the re entry can produce in convulsion with the energy at 50 billion particles. The Time lapse in converse is up to Mission Control but the algorithm shows that the converse can clear in hours at decent 1281. The convalescing is part of that cleansing of the craft. Moving the molecules in the atmosphere is called dormant disdain and it must be vanquished before landing. The craft can move at 3 miles per hour and the detail shows that the calliope is over the vanquish and these particles release their own concept and detach from the craft. Nuclear particles have their own determinations. They can disdain or create variance. These particles are hot and they are easily recognized and they will be vanquished in time aperture involvement. They will rejoin at the orbital margin for converse there. These particles have a half life and are very hard to deflect, but with energy it is possible to move them back into space where they can converse the Earth. There is no chance of breach to the hull. The energy protects the Lear from these particles and can continue to converse the solar system without incident, the energy has the deltoid in Earths atmosphere, the deflect is possible in all deltas this craft has. Collegian distress is the result. Convex alpha depre over the convulsion expressions at the upper atmosphere. 78122381.2. the convulsion is relaxed at the 12.8 ft. mark from the Earth. The delay at 12.8 is brief, and the craft will continue to the demetri alpha at 12.8 inches. There should be no spin at these elevations if so the craft must be re-disinfected. Nuclear particles are present and the ground crew must establish the quarantine or the Lear must re-ascend to the demetri alpha 1281 for conditioning.

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