Using Antimatter

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, February 14, 2020 7:32 PM

Bargaining the waver; The waver is the ship, its the time that is lost. When we travel in outer space the consult is you. We can never make up for lost time. The people are afraid that if we are gone to long that there may not be a home to come back to. In some conclusion they are right, but the concept of Earthly tragedy is the same if it happens or not. We are adventuress people and can handle space travel in all facets of that life. The physiological damage is still there, but the alpha in us is always the winner. The jump detach, is cumbersome for some crew members. It will challenge the weak and exacerbate the strong, it has certain changes that create new ways of traveling and columbines the delta like no other propulsion system. The rail is columbine the delta with 2/10ths in mercury alpha signal and release the exponent to the resonance field. The term allows the craft to jump to top-out speed anywhere the ship is in open space. Anti-Matter is the exponent and expands the delta to natural forces. The space around the craft is relaxed and the ship is catapult to new horizons. The sequence begins with all the essential personal at bay dock station, the release is columbine to the energy that the ship is creating. Field energy is expunged and the release is a component not the deterioration of the energy. The ship will travel in open space with or without the release of the Anti-Matter. The fuel foil is in the undercarriage of the ship, it holds 2800 gallons of Methane Hydrate fuel in bariatric condition to the espionage delta sequence. The vacuumed is conditional and statutory to the confines of the fuel foil. The chamber is dextrose and in a state of solid and gas conclusion. The lower half is solid and the upper half is gas state known as a bariatric condition. The system has deltoids in conclusion to temperatures that mimic the state of Methane Hydrate on Mars. 410022781381.2 Methane Hydrate has levity, it will move in ways that we thought were not possible. The vacuum delta in conclusion has detach alpha signals to vacuum 2.18 at all times. There is one vacuum pump dedicated for the espionage delta. We use the fuel one molecule at a time, the system allows for more fuel but the pump never collapses the vacuum. It is always delivered the incumbency to the Ray Track delta at the helm of the ship similar to the class 5 star craft. The Ray Track delta has two components the casing and the refuge delta to the inversion field. Induction power is always released in space just like any other component of forward motion. The field it makes is the columbine to the delta in advance secursions. The ship will yield space like the class 5 and subdue the conglomerate with Anti-Matter constituents. 78122481.2 in alpha state columbine delta 7788481.12.

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EA Martinez MLD on Friday, February 14, 2020 9:30 PM

Clevis Disdain; Antrocollapse, calvine central in alpha state clevis is serious aspiration, the convex is supply to inversion and collide the deterior alpha in signal collapse. The inversion has deterior capabilities. The A/I collides the inversion, fuel is expected to denigrate in alpha state ,but does not in calvine support to the inversion field. The collidle is in aspiration sequence within the inversion field. Fuel knock offs are constant in delta inversion. They rejoin the condition in alpha state collapsed, but sequencing anyway. In convert the fuel molecule will be the deterrent but also collapses the delta in the inversion for steady propulsion. The field ground enterprise is a safety to the conglomerate in the alpha state. 22481.4,this stator has the ability to Carnoc the delta at intervals of sequence alpha states every 22.218 seconds. The drive sequence is the adoptable, but collapses the molecule so that it is in reserve to the fuel delta. The coasting is at ship deterior alpha at 88.218K fpm.

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